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Lightweight protective shoes for men

Lightweight protective shoes for men

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The size number here is totally different from the shoe size table in your country

But the length of your bare foot will never change ...
So ... you should measure your bare foot with a ruler and then choose the size with the table below?
Unit: mm-millimeter of bare foot length and insole length and sole length
Men size for this shoe:
Bare foot length 23.5cm EU 37 choose 6
Bare foot length 24cm from EU 38 choose 6.5
Nude pastel length24.5cm EU 39 choose 7
Bare foot length 25 cm EU 40 choose 7.5
Bare foot length 25.5cm EU 41 choose 8
Bare foot length 26cm from EU 42 choose 8.5
Bare foot length 26.5cm from EU 43 choose 9
Bare foot length 27cm from EU 44 choose 9.5
Bare foot length 27.5cm EU 45 choose 10

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